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Yaesu Ft-920 Ham Radio

Yaesu Ft-920 

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The Yaesu Ft-920 transceiver comes with much careful thought in pulling out the weak ones.  The receiver was engineered for outstanding signal-to-noise ratio specs and sound.  Starting with a front end receive modeled from the infamous FT-1000, along with its noise reduction feature and sensitive receive, it won't take long to appreciate the performance of this one.

The Yaesu FT-920 has an audio DSP system that runs an amazing 333 MIPs (which stands for Million Instructions Per Second).  This ensures a smoother, fast acting DSP circuit and sound, which allows you to be more aggressive with cleaning up the noise with less robotic sound, chirping, and other undesired DSP artifacts.  In addition to noise reduction, this technology also provides bandpass filtering, auto notch, and a mic equalizer to tailor your transmit audio.

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