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Yaesu FT-990 For Sale

Yaesu FT-990


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The Yaesu FT-990 is a HF transceiver, that is one of the top performance model made by the company.  Very similar design to the FT-1000, main difference being it didn't have two receivers.  There were both AC and also a "DC" only models made.  The DC is slightly cheaper, as this version didn't come with the built in power supply.  Many prefer to keep their power supplies separate however, as it reduces heat and often cheaper to replace a one (power supplies are often inexpensive to replace by themselves) versus sending the whole transceiver in for repair (if one were to go bad that is).

If you're looking for raw performance, without spending a ton of money for a dual receiver or the newest, greatest thing out there, a used Yaesu FT-990 today is just the ticket and you can compete with some of the best rigs out there today!  As the Yaesu FT-1000d is often proclaimed as the best HF transceiver every made by many hams, luckily the FT-990 shared much of the same circuitry!  Very similar control layout and it's also a full sized rig!  This is a gem for those that don't necessarily need two receivers and aren't fans of all the new digital filters out there and prefer more analog based radios with real filters! 

Because it was mostly an analog design, (it did have an adjustable digital filter with high and low cut-off), it handled both weak and strong stations very well and it's exceptional design is able to block our offending signals and QRM without added unwanted distortion or odd, unwanted artifacts to its receive audio, that is often problematic with the newer, DSP based models out today.  It also had six internal microprocessors, so it was indeed a sophisticated design, however it's signal purity and great specs also relied on true crystal and analog filters, versus mostly a DSP filtering design found in new ham radios today.  It also had a real S-meter, full sized, well balanced VFO control, and a very solid look and feel to it, that is something very rare to find in the newer, more plastic feeling amateur radios out there today.

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