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Yaesu FT-847 For Sale

Yaesu FT-847


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The Yaesu FT-847 (which the company called it their Earth Station model), is a great choice as a do it all rig and a great improvement over the FT-736 (which it replaced).  In addition to being a fully functional HF, 6 meter, 2 meter, 430/440Mhz transceiver, it was also built to work with satellite and even the ever so challenging "moon-bounce" communications (hence their Earth Station nickname for it) with spectacular low noise, high receiver sensitivity and preamp specs.  Due to all it does and its performance, I was shocked when the company discontinued it recently (the company stopped making them in 2006).  Luckily, you can still find some for sale in the used market in near mint condition (see the link above or below for current pricing and inventory). 

Something that really makes this model stand out, is this one also has the very popular (yet so hard to find in ham radios) is a cross band repeater built in, which allows you to create your own, "full-duplex" repeater easily!  The nice thing about working with crossband, is you normally don't have to invest in expensive duplexors or cavity filters, that are necessary with "in-band" repeaters, due to receiver intermod and/or desensitizing, as their is much larger frequency separation involved. 

Since this model is still pretty modern, it also has sophisticated DSP technology (including auto-notch, noise reduction, and digital bandpass filters), to help rid of noise.  

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