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Yaesu FT-817 and ND QRP Mobile Ham Radios For Sale

Yaesu FT-817

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The Yaesu FT-817 original version was released in 2001, however because the 60 meter band was allocated for Amateur Radio use shortly thereafter by the FCC, Yaesu within a few years made a minor modification and added 60 meters to the transceiver's design and simply changed the name to the 817ND to signify which ones already had the 60 meter band included.  This made 60 meters possible without needing to open up the transmit via a MARS or other extended transmit frequency mod.  The price went up slightly for the newer revision, however the FNB-85 battery and charger came with it, so the ready was ready for portable use on the fly!  These mini sized transceivers cover HF, VHF and UHF and has more receive range than many scanners!  Due to its small size it works well in either a mobile and portable/field day environment!   

The Yaesu FT-817 sereis are technically QRP level ham radios, because they were limited to only 5 watts RF output.  The lower power in this case is advantageous because it both enables a much smaller design (less power means much less heat generation and lower demands for heat dissipation in the PA section) and low power means lighter batteries that also last much longer!  So for those that like to take their ham radios with them or have a tight mobile installation, the model is perfect!  This would also be the perfect "backpack" communications device.  There is also a neat little multiband rubber duck antenna available that installs easily on the radio's standard BNC connector.

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