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Vintage Yaesu FT-221R 2 Meter Base Ham Radios For Sale

Yaesu FT-221


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The Yaesu FT-221 and the 221R are both the same vintage 2 meter transceiver made in the late 70s, except the "R" version had the repeater offset feature whereas the original non "R" version did not, however many hams over the years have converted the original version to enable repeater offset operation as well.  Today, even the non "R" versions for sale often have already been modified to enable repeater functionality.   

The Yaesu FT-221 series were low powered transceivers (unless you also had a 100 watt pa installed) and was one of the first all solid state ham radios made by Yaesu along with the Yaesu FT-301 HF version.  This series very much resembles the Yaesu FT-301 "HF" ham radio, the main difference between the Yaesu FT-221 was for VHF.  For its age, it functioned well as an "all-mode" base radio.  

Due to its age and being hard to find nowadays, the Yaesu FT-221R is both a good choice for hams looking for an affordable "all" mode transceiver (it covers AM, FM, SSB, and CW) and collectors or elmers that are into the vintage gear from Yaesu.  Because it supports CW and SSB operation, it's often used for long distance work by hams to this day.  Check current inventory at the links above or below.  

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