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Yaesu FT-102 

Yaesu FT-102  

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The Yaesu FT-102 is a step up from the 101 series in terms of overall quality and performance.  It was made in the late 70s, however it actually had advanced features for its time such as an equalizer to tailor the transmitter’s audio and sound.  Kind of shocking as this feature is just now starting to catch on with new rigs made today.  This and the fact it has both one of the best receivers and transmitter sound quality is unmatched by most, makes this transceiver a top pick for many AM and SSB hifi hams, however they are scarce as most don't depart with them.  

Looking to buy on of these transceivers?  There is also a link at the bottom of the page that allows you to view current inventory of Yaesu FT 102 ham radios for sale.  Please note, other sellers listings are shown, please contact the seller directly regarding to any questions you may have about that particular radio. 

Generally hams pay big bucks for this amateur radio transceiver due to its super clean audio.  The Yaesu FT102 works great in both AM and SSB and produces some incredibly pleasant, clean transmit audio!  Due to such, most amateur radio operators will not part with them, which makes them increasingly difficult to find them for sale.  We do get Yaesu FT 102 transceivers in stock however, if we don't currently have any for sale at the link below, just bookmark our page and check back once a week or so.  


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