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 Yaesu FT-101 For Sale

Yaesu FT-101

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You can find Yaesu FT-101 ham radios for sale at the links above and below  The Yaesu FT-101e, 101ee, 101f, ex, z, zd, and related models in this series are still to this day a very popular amateur radio by many hams!  This hefty transceiver with well working tubes puts well over 100 watts output (I've seen as high as 180watts) and replacing the tubes is fairly easy (it only uses two 6JS6C sweep tubes along with a single driver 12BY7A tube).  These tubes were very popular, so they're still easy to find and fairly affordable today, however with care, you may never need to replace them.  This hybrid design was basically one of the last ham radios in the late 70s to use any tubes and one of the first to initiate solid state transistor design.  A few years later, amateur radio transceivers were 100% transistorized, however there are still advantages of using tubes, at least for the final output stage where the transceiver has to deal with a wide range of antenna impedances and high power stress conditions.  In many cases, using an antenna tuner wasn't needed with tube type finals! 

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In a way combining the best of both worlds of transistor and tube type technology.  The Yaesu FT-101 is also known for it's transmit section, which has tons of quality AM and SSB modulation!  A lot of the AM buffs choose this model due to its relatively low cost, lower maintenance then all tube boatanchors that are massively oversized, and it's high quality AM modulation!

Yaesu FT-101 hybrid ham radio transceiver came in several variations such as the FT101E, FT101EE, FT101ZD, and the FT101F for example.  Although rare to find, some of the later versions also incorporated a digital frequency readout, whereas the original models all had the standard analog VFO frequency readout. 

Looking for a Yaesu FT-101 Series Radio?  Check out inventory at the link below:

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