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Ten-Tec Omni VI Plus For Sale

Tentec Omni VI Plus


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The Ten-Tec Omni VI Plus model 564 was essentially similar to their non-plus model 563 version (which was able to be upgraded to model 564), however the model 564 had DSP noise reduction, a new tuning speed feature, and an additional IF filter slot.  The company only offered these upgrades for a limited time, so it may not be as easy to upgrade to a "plus" if they haven't been upgraded already.

Both the Ten-Tec Omni VI Plus and original Omni 6 are great transceivers made by the last surviving American company that specializes in ham radio equipment.  They've survived amongst their competition via making higher quality gear that holds its own!  This model is no exception and also proof of that.  Some of the great aspects of this model, is the company built it to used crystal mixing to eliminate phase noise (a problem that is inherited of digital synthesizers) along with it's various cascading and optional filtering for superb receiver selectivity!

Equally impressive of its receiver, is its transmitter!  This model was truly 100 percent fully duty cycle with its power amplifier built so durable, that it doesn't require SWR fold back!  Ever grow tired of other solid state transceivers folding back their power with the slightest of SWR thrown back from the antenna?  Will, TenTec built the PA to be more durable and handle higher SWR curves with ease!  The other great thing about this model, is if there ever is a component or section failure, the company built most of the circuit boards to be field replaceable, which makes the ease of replacing and the cost to repair and ship much lower! 

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