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We will post your ham gear for free.  Sell your amateur equipment in our ham radio classifieds section for free and reach thousands of prospective buyers.  Fill out the fields below and make sure you include the best way for buyers to contact you (e-mail or phone..). 

We offer our ham radio classifieds as a free service, so feel free to post all your gear for sale!


Ham Equipment Submission Form
*Please note, those that abuse our service and all spam will be deleted!

*To get started fill in the fields and for best results include a thorough description of the equipment you're trying to sell.

*If you posted this for sale elsewhere, do not sipmly copy and paste the same ad here, but rather please use a unique description on this site to prevent duplicate content on the web.

*If you want to be contacted by e-mail only, simply input that field only. At a mininium, an e-mail is required. If you are available for either contact method, then fill out both for best results.