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QRP Ham Radios

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Below are links to low power CW and SSB QRP Ham Radios and Kits for sale.  Many amateur radio operators don't realize how much fun QRP really can be.  It brings a whole new thrill when you can communicate to distant stations with only 1 to 5 watts of RF power and perhaps an antenna you've built yourself to match!  Some hams prefer completely assembled units, whereas others prefer build it yourself kits.  Generally if the kit is simple enough you can complete their assembly in a day (sometimes two).  

Due to their small size and low power consumption, QRP transceivers are also great for portable work and portable DX expeditions.  It takes a more clever ham radio operator to make QRP work consistently in tough DX conditions.  A lot of it is timing and your antenna's efficiency.  The truth is, is that many amateur operators have a poor antenna, shoddy feedline, and/or lack tuner efficiency.  QRPers pride themselves with building not only their own radio kit, but also their own high quality antennas to boot.  Many hams don't realize that using a single wire with a tuner at the shack can create up to 90% (or more) in lost efficiency; therefore they're wasting most their power anyways.  As a QRP guru you operate with more finesse as you know every db counts and it's not uncommon for these low power (1 to 5 watts is typical) signals to be heard just as successfully well as 100+ watt transceivers. 

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