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Kenwood TS-950SDX & SD Ham Radios For Sale

 Kenwood TS-950SDX

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The Kenwood TS-950 SD & SDX were and still are the best transceivers Kenwood ever made!  When new their prices were in the thousands of dollars, however in the used market you can find these radios for only the fraction of what they cost new.  Many hams still believe no other ham radio can rival the real world performance of the TS 950SDX.

Although the company makes great home stereos and car electronics, their Amateur Radio line is notably some of the best out there as well!  Some may argue that the Kenwood TS-950s was the best HF rig they've ever came out with and it's specs back that up.  This company makes some of the best sounding car and home stereos and they kind of kept that tradition with their ham radio market too.  The TS-850s and TS-950s however were probably the best though in regards to transmit and receiver audio quality.  This is one reason many of the hi-fi SSB buffs choose these two models so often, for their wider and higher quality sound over the air!

It's amazing what the Kenwood TS-950SD & SDX ham radio models could do when the going gets tough.  Their blocking receive performance of nearby stations is astronomical!  They also have a very effective NB system, with 2 separate noise blankers to handle various problems related to noise.  Some more of the TS 950sdx and sd features are below.

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