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Kenwood TS-940 For Sale:

Kenwood TS-940

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The Kenwood TS-940 is a awesome looking radio, that is both sturdy and packed with features.  If you're looking for a lot of radio at a reasonable budget, this one is most likely the one for you!  For those looking for a used Kenwood TS-940 ham radio for sale, you can view current inventory at the link below. 

A little about the Kenwood TS 940:

A Kenwood TS-940 is one of those radios that just looks and feels neat!  Plenty of push buttons and knobs to play with and a great visual appeal while watching for those signals on the meter.  I wish Kenwood would revert back to this design and layout, as many of the new radios today seem too toy like, with overdone plastic and push button menus to go through.

View Current Kenwood TS-940 Radio Inventory 

The Kenwood TS-940 S and SAT had one excellent receiver (the TS-940sat version even came with an automatic antenna tuner).  Great receive with noise interference tools that probably surpasses some of the best of Kenwood transceivers even made today!  This all mode HF transceiver had a very clean and audible receive, even with the weakest signals.  This is what Kenwood does right, great communications audio quality sound in both receive and transmit.  Kenwood seemed to make better radios 10-20 years ago and it shows in the TS940!.  The difference in the TS-940 SAT versus the "S", is the built in auto tuner.  Otherwise they're identical.

The Kenwood TS-940S came with numerious features such as a SSB slope tuning, CW VBT, IF notch, the dual mode NB feature, all-mode, RF attenuator, three step AGC speed (for slow or fast attack times for various modes and taste) and Full QSK to boot!!  Also a solid, rugged feel and weight, makes this one a great value in performance in the used market.

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