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Kenwood TS-870S HF Ham Radio For Sale

Kenwood TS-870S

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The Kenwood TS-870S transceiver does things that no other rigs can do in stock form.  Even though this HF radio is no longer made, many Amateurs choose this model as their number one HF transceiver to this day!  Not only does it have one of the cleanest and well made receivers and advanced IF DSP and digital noise filters, it also has the ability to transmit and receive higher fidelity audio than nearly any other non-modified transceiver on SSB, due to its wider filter capabilities.  In its wide filter settings, it is one of the preferred rigs for enhanced SSB audio due to its wide and flat audio response on SSB (you can adjust to this width easily within the menu, without needing to modify the radio).  For wider receive bandwidth, simply use its adjustable digital filters which are fully adjustable from 1.4 and 6.0 kHz for the high pass cutoff, and 0 and 1000 Hz for the low pass cutoff.  

The Kenwood TS-870S had and still does have one of the most advanced DSP technologies available.  It actually uses "two" DSP processors (in the IF stage) that has an incredible dynamic range of over 140db!  It also has digital IF filters that are sharp enough to create more than 100db of pass band attenuation, so you can say goodbye to nearby interference and unwanted signals!  Its DSP noise reduction actually has two methods of taking the noise away from the signal, which are LEM (Line Enhancer Method) and SPAC (Speech Processing Auto Correlation).  Again, this is true IF, not the less effective AF DSP.  Many hams will argue that the TS-870S is the most advanced amateur radio ever made by Kenwood, which explains why it's still the number one preferred choice by many amateur operators. 

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