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Kenwood TS-850S and Kenwood TS-850S HF Ham Radios For Sale

Kenwood TS-850S

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The Kenwood TS-850S HF transceiver is one that many hams just don't want to let go.  Another great legend made by Kenwood, it's very well designed with all controls having a solid feel and features well laid out.  The LED signal strength meter is probably one of the most accurate, detailed meters out there!  Prior to owning one of these models, I was a big fan of analog signal strength (with the little electromagnetic needles) meters only, however within minutes of operating this HF rig and that mindset quickly changes when you see the advantages in accuracy this bar graph provides!  You literally have a led for nearly every db of signal strength and difficult or fast signals are more accurately read and concise than most analog meters with their jiggling could ever hope of being!  With how the scale is marked and the visual advantage of the bar graph, you'll probably never want to use a needle based meter again as well, due to its ease of reading signal peaks in fast CW keying and SSB voice communications that are harder to read with an analog meter.  

If you're looking for a knockout receive and decent tx audio, the Kenwood TS-850s is one of the best values out there in the used amateur radio market!  It is vastly superior in both build quality and performance than many "new" ham radios costing twice as much!  Often times, some of the used models for sale even have extra filters already installed!  It comes with 100 memories to save your favorite ham radio and/or shortwave frequencies, a "dual" mode NB, IF notch filter, speech processor, a variable AGC control and much more. 

For those that aren't aware, the Kenwood TS-850S and SAT are the same HF rig, with the exception of the AT version adding an auto tuner.  You can view current inventory for both versions at the link below.

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