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Kenwood TS-830S Ham Radios For Sale

Kenwood TS-830S 

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The hefty Kenwood TS-830S was built with a solid look and plenty of features and controls with a solid feel.  Don't walk away from this one, just because it's an older design.  This one of Kenwood's best ham radio transceivers back in the day!  You'll notice right away that the TS 830 has plenty of knobs and switches to play with!  This transceiver was made in the late 70s and covered 10-160 meters,, including the 12, 17, and 30 meter WARC bands!  The Kenwood TS-830 S was a step up to the Yaesu 101 series in features and performance, however the TS830S didn't have AM, but rather a CW and SSB only rig.  Common in this ham radio era, was a hybrid solid state and tube design and this model used a 12BY7 driver tube followed by 6146B tubes for its finals.

The Kenwood TS-830s was the last of their hybrid design and this was probably the best ham radio ever made by Kenwood with tubes as part of its design.  The tubes for the Kenwood TS-830s generally last several years and "if" they ever need to be replaced, you can still find them at an affordable price tag.  Many amatuer rado operators consider designs with tube finals a more expensive venture long term wise, however I and many other hams will argue otherwise.  This is because, by the Kenwood TS-830 utilizing tubes in the thermally intense section of the design you often have a larger safety margin before failure.  Transistors simply can't take as much abuse or heat like tubes can and if you ever need to replace a transistor, chances are you won't be able to do it yourself and it will cost you a few hundred dollars to get them replaced.  Tubes on the other hand can be found cheaply either new or in the surplus market and are often much easier to replace yourself (often a novice at electronics can do it).  Many times tubes are as easy as "plug and play".  Meaning no soldering required, you simply unplug the old tube and plug in the new one!

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