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Kenwood TS-700 Series - 2 Meter Ham Radios For Sale

Kenwood TS-700

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The Kenwood TS-700 transceivers was a very popular all mode (AM, FM, SSB, and CW) 2 meter series in the 1970s and 80s!  It's still very popular choice for CW and SSB weak signal work on the two meter band!  Because these are low watt (10 watts typical) ham radios, a decent VHF amplifier makes a good match.  Choose a 100 watt plus amplifier that also comes with a "preamplifier" to further boost receive sensitivity, then this thing is unbeatable for weak signal conditions!  

Okay, so there is some confusion at times about the differences within the Kenwood TS-700 amateur radio series.  The series includes the original TS-700, the 700A, 700G, 700S, and the 700SP.  Performance specs and design are essentially the same within all model variations; however there are a few "major" differences.  Mainly the original and the 700G only covered 144-146 MHz!  So if you plan on operating on the entire 2 meter band, you need to purchase either the Kenwood 700A, 700s, or the 700SP versions! 

The difference between the 700s and sp is the first doesn't have repeater function below 146 mhz the sp does, however both models cover 144 to 148 mhz in simplex mode. 
The TS-700SP is the latest, most recent revision of the series with the main difference the SP and 700A is the addition of a "digital" readout, vs. the analog display that was used in previous models.  The "S" version also had the "digital" display, however again it only covers 144-146 MHz (which is most likely fine if you're mainly concerned about having a dedicated rig for weak signal dx in the CW and SSB parts of the band only.  Don't forget, most use horizontal polarization with their Omni-loops and/or beams, if you're seeking dx on two meters.

All versions of this ham radio series came with the same power output of 10 watts on CW, FM, and SSB and only 3 watts AM carrier (if you want clean forward modulation on AM that is).  To improve receiver gain and transmit power, this transceiver matches up well with many of the solid state amplifiers that also include receive preamps (which is generally recommended for weak signal and dx situations on the VHF band).  Check out current Kenwood TS-700 transceivers for sale at the links below: 

Again the lineup in this series includes: 

Kenwood TS-700 

Kenwood TS-700A

Kenwood TS-700G

Kenwood TS-700S

Kenwood TS-700SP  

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