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Kenwood TS-530S HF Ham Radio Transceiver For Sale

Kenwood TS-530S

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The Kenwood TS-530S is another affordable HF ham radio solution for anyone looking to get on the air, but can't afford the new prices out there today.  You can get one of these for only a few hundred bucks!  It's all solid state under the hood, except for its pair of tube finals that can produce well over 100 watts of output power (so stronger than new transceivers at well) which if are well taken care of, generally last a long time without ever needing replaced!  This HF rig has some considerable weight to it for its size (can we say built like a tank) and has solid knobs throughout (lots of stuff to play with here).  There is also a slight model variation to this one, known as the 530SP which adds a notch filter; otherwise they're the same radio. 

The Kenwood TS-530S and SP are CW and SSB only rigs (no AM or FM here), however in addition to the standard 10, 15, 20, 40, 80, and 160 meter HF bands, both the S and SP also have the 12, 17, and 30 WARC bands too!  So you get a ton for the price of these on the used market today.  Depending on the condition and of current inventory, you can find these HF transceivers under $200 if not the best cosmetic shape to around $350 for near perfect condition (see link for current pricing and inventory below):

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