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Kenwood TS-50s HF Ham Radio Transceivers For Sale

Kenwood TS-50S

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The Kenwood TS-50s is a small to midsize HF transceiver.  It has a clean, sophisticated appeal to it that just makes this ham radio seem attractive.  The clean layout of controls and the white lettering over black makes for easy to find features in a snap.  The warm orange LCD screen in conjunction to the display's matching black led frequency readout and signal strength meter makes for a true gem to put your hands on.  Although was of the best looking amateur radios out there, as the old saying goes, you can't judge a book by its cover, however this compact sized rig performs quite well on all the HF bands too!  

As far as performance is concerned, the Kenwood TS-50s performs remarkably well for a low to mid priced rig!  It may not have the best receive specs out there, however this isn't a high priced $3,000 plus ham radio either!  It was meant to come out as semi-affordable mid-level amateur transceiver.  As far as transmit specs, well it puts out a full 100 watts of RF power like most HF rigs do and has clean tx audio to boot (not much more needed than that), so not much difference on the transmit side of things with this ham radio vs. the top of the line, high priced models out there.  What does matter however is the smallest detail to receiver specs!  Well, this model does that fairly well too!  It has more than enough sensitivity and with its Advanced Intercept Point feature it has up to 105db of receiver dynamic range!  On top of that, the selectivity on SSB and CW without any extra/special filters added, nearby signals are -6db down with as little as 2.2khz spacing and for a max -60db attenuation, spacing of 4.8khz and higher are needed, which isn't too bad for a rig at this price range in the 90s!  Today however, you can find used Kenwood TS-50S radios for sale here for much cheaper yet!  Check out some of these used beauties for sale at the links above or below: 

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