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Kenwood TS-480SAT HF and 6 Meter Ham Radios For Sale

Kenwood TS-480SAT

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The Kenwood TS-480SAT transceiver operates all HF bands plus 6 meters in all modes!  The SAT version adds an auto tuner which makes multiband dipoles and mobile antennas with challenging standing wave ratios history!  The face has a clean, concise appeal to it and it has that warm, high quality Kenwood sound that we have come to love (audio is one of things this company doesn't neglect in its design).  

With its nifty detachable face, the Kenwood TS-480 SAT is meant to work well in either a fixed or mobile environment.  Because it's a little more stout and larger in size compared to most mobile amateur radios, with its extension cable you have the option of placing the main body on the floorboard, back seat, or even the trunk (which is also a great theft deterrent).  The face to body is connected with normal (and affordable) CAT 5 cabling (a 12 foot Cat 5 extension cable comes with it), so making long runs usually isn't a problem with this ham radio. 

As far as performance and features are concerned, you get a lot of value with the Kenwood TS-480 (check out some of new and used prices at the links above or below).  Not only do you get general coverage receiver along with HF bands and 6 meters, this mobile/base radio hybrid does things better than many of the top of the line transceivers today.  For instance, the SAT and HX models are one of the best models out there for remote and pc control.  Kenwood actually built dedicated (free) software so you can interface and control this transceiver from any standard computer at no additional cost to the consumer!  You also get some advance performance features such as a Quad Mixer, which makes its receiver one of the best in terms of dynamic range performance!  It also includes both DSP Noise Reduction and Digital Noise Filters in addition to a receive and transmit audio equalizer!  

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