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Kenwood TS-120s Ham Radios For Sale

Kenwood TS-120

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The Kenwood TS-120s HF transceiver is one of the most affordable and best deals currently out there on the used ham radio market!  A great choice for new hams or those looking for an affordable, yet rugged all solid state radio to get access to the popular HF bands.  Very popular in the 80s, it has a hot receiver and works all the main HF bands, excluding for a few WARC bands, such as those that have become available recently (the 60 meter band wasn't available in the 1980s for example).  However the bands that matter the most (10, 15, 20, 40, 75/80 meters) and where 90% of hams operate at within the HF spectrum are there.  At the links above or below, you'll find several of these amateur radios for sale, most are less than $250!

The Kenwood TS-120s is one of the lowest priced used solid state rigs out there and it's in the same class and very similar to the Kenwood TS-130, TS-140, TS-430, TS-440, and the TS-530 models from this vintage, however just be aware that the WARC aren't included and it's a CW/SSB only rig, so no AM or FM communications are possible with this ham radio transceiver.  However who needs AM or FM on the HF bands anyways?  If this or also having WARC bands matters to you, you may want to buy a newer, more expensive model, such as those at the left navigation menu or at the bottom of this site. 

Operationally, the Kenwood TS-120s works well with a decent receiver and full 100 watts out just as most HF transceivers do, however it's meant as a no frills amateur radio that covers the main HF bands only, however it's the perfect solutions that are on a tight budget and/or for new hams or soon to be new hams looking for their first amateur radio so they can see what the excitement is all about.  Similar to a used compact car, it's also a great choice for those that don't want to invest a lot of money into the hobby, just something to get them there reliably.  Actually, as you'll see when you view current inventory, many of which are priced less than many single band 2 meter mobiles out there today! 

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