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KENWOOD TM-241A Mobile For Sale


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The Kenwood TM-241A is a basic, yet well made 2 meter mobile transceiver.  It puts out a full 50 watts (which draws about 11 amps on a standard 13.8 volt power supply) and has a large, well made heatsink to handle the power well!  It covers the entire band and supports all standard voice repeaters and includes PL tones/CTCSS encoding.  It also has the paging feature as an extra perk for those hams that like to be readily available.  You can get a good deal on them too at the link above or below.

Simplex and repeaters are no problem and this gets you on the VHF band very affordably with a nice sounding front firing speaker to boot.  Although the Kenwood TM-241A is a no frills amateur radio, however what it does, it does very well.  If you travel a lot on the highways, there is generally ample enough of receive audio under most conditions and if the speaker isn't covered or muffled due to the position it's mounted.  With its 2 full watts of audio output along with its top firing communications speaker, stations generally come in clearly above most road noise while driving.  For your favorite repeaters, up to 20 memories can be stored for easy access and scanning.  However probably one of the nicest features that come with this two meter mobile is the AL Function, which is a basically a priority alert feature, which allows you to keep an eye on the your favorite memory channel, while you’re on another frequency at the moment. 

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