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Kenwood TL-922A

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The Kenwood TL-922A is an attractive looking HF linear amplifier, however they're getting pretty hard to find (no longer made and not too many were manufactured) and is really the only true HF linear amplifier that Kenwood ever made!  So if you're a Kenwood buff and/or collector, the TL-922A is probably a must have!  This ham radio amp uses 2 x 3-500z tubes and boasts 2000 watts peak input power (which translates to roughly 1200 - 1500 watts output without excessively driving it).  To get the full legal limit, 3-500z tubes generally like to see a tad more than 100 watts exciter driver, so if you have an older ham radio or one of the few newer 200 watt rigs, full legal limit shouldn't been any problem with this one (assuming halfway decent tubes).  Generally about 115 to 120 watts drive is all it takes to yield 1500 watts out (which is max amateur radio legal limit here in the US) no problem.  Although getting over 1500 watts output has been known out of these linear amps, driving it and trying to exceeding this output, although possible, causes extra stress on the tubes and power supply.  If you are smart with not pushing it to the limit, the tubes should last a lifetime! 

The Kenwood TL-922A HF amplifier has a clean, simple layout and tunes very well.  Because it uses the 3-500z tube pair, it means virtually no warm-up wait time needed, before it's ready for QRO power!  It should be noted, that the Kenwood TL-922A amp was made in the 80s, however these used amps still provide the same power output (in most cases) as they did new.  Two things that can however cause some reduced power output are damaged/worn tubes and a slight drop can be caused from a worn power supply filter bank (capacitors).  Many times replacing the capacitors is an affordable, yet wise investment to also restore back to new, peak operating condition.  

Note if you don't see any Kenwood TL-922A amplifiers for sale at the inventory link below, you may want to consider some very similar 3-500z HF amplifier models such as the SB-220, SB-221, Ameritron 572B and so forth.  

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