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Kenwood TS-450 SAT For Sale

Kenwood 450 SAT 

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The Kenwood TS 450 SAT ham radio is a complete solid state designed transceiver with digital readout and DDS.  This one has a full coverage receive from 10 to 160 meters plus.  He also came with many of the popular Kenwood features of this vintage such as VOX, Notch, IF Shift, and a large led signal graph style meter.  These meters have a very detailed outlook of the signal, which are often more easily read and accurate than the analog meter types.

The Kenwood TS 450 S and SAT HF Ham Radio is no longer made, however they still look and act modern and offers a ton of value in the used market.   Just like all Kenwood models, the TS-450S is the standard model, whereas the TS-450SAT also comes with the auto antenna tuner feature.  You can compare the prices on both versions (with or without the built in auto-tuner) at the link below.

These are a great, entry level rig for those new to the hobby or just on a tight budget.  For the casual operator this and the price, the Kenwood TS 450s should do just fine.  Of course everyone likes that multi-thousand dollar transceiver with all the latest toys, however for only a fraction of the price, this model can get you on their air and work under most conditions nicely!

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