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Icom ID-880h VHF/UHF Mobile Ham Radio For Sale

Icom ID-880h For Sale

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The Icom ID-880h mobile transceiver covers both the 2 meter and 440 MHz bands and as you can see by the picture has a fully detachable front panel for ease of mount and better access to the ham radio's controls while driving.  In addition to being a full performance dual band mobile transceiver, it was also meant to be a matching mobile version (counterpart) to the IC-80AD Handheld; however it's that and much more!  The Icom ID-880h mobile version is much more powerful (of course) then the HT model.  It has a full 50 watts on both the VHF and UHF bands and just like the matching HT, the receiver also covers out of ham band frequencies from ranges 118-173.995, 230-549.995, and 810-990.990 MHz (cell blocked), so it also acts as a full fledge scanner as well!  With this wide of frequency coverage, saving more of your favorite frequencies is worthwhile, luckily this model allows up to 1052 memory channels that can be saved!  

The Icom ID-880h amateur radio, just like the commercial and business band radios, also has free cloning software so you can use your computer to save and reproduce the same settings for a second or third model (a nice timesaver if you have a lot of memory channels you want to synchronize with two or more transceivers).  For those looking for more advanced/sophisticated features, in addition to full repeater functionality, it also comes both packet data and D-Star network ready along with standard 9600/1200bps packet jacks.  

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