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Icom IC-R7000 Communications Receivers For Sale

Icom IC-R7000

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The Icom IC-R7000 is a top notch piece of gear!  It is much more diverse and better made then the typical scanner!  It covers the entire VHF and UHF spectrum from 25mhz - 2000mhz (the small exception being 1000-1025mhz which is cell blocked, unless mod is done).  Perfect for those that like to listen to either commercial/business band, safety, govt, FAA, FM, TV, marine, weather, or related frequencies, or take a view in the ham radio frequencies in the 10, 6, 2, 220, and 440mhz bands.  For those bored, it also picks up CB Radio frequencies (27mhz band) very clear!  It's a full sized table top communications receiver, with much better specs and quality then the smaller and cheap scanner brands you'll find at the local Radio Shack or related stores.  This shortwave and amateur radio receiver is leagues above them in features and performance!   

If you've tried other scanners in the past, you'll be impressed right away at how solid the Icom IC-R7000 receiver is in comparison.  Being much larger, with full sized controls, it just feels much better made and more enjoyable to use and listen to!  It feels like an expensive piece of commercial of govt gear!  Due to the fact it supports essentially every mode used in the VHF/UHF bands such as AM normal width, AM wide, FM normal, FM wide, FM narrow, and SSB, you are assured that regardless if you're listening to Amateur Radio frequencies, entertain, or government related bands, every normal, unscrambled frequency should come in clearly. 

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