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Icom IC-910H For Sale

Icom IC-910H


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The Icom IC-910H transceiver is for those hams that are looking for something better for VHF and UHF work.  It is built with great specs for both DX and satellite work, including a very low noise floor along with a high receiver sensitivity (rated at 0.11┬ÁV, at 10db S/N on SSB & CW mode).  On VHF is has a full 100 watts of output and 75 watts on UHF!  It also supports data and packet communications up to 9600bps.   It addition to working repeaters (also has CTCSS), being an all mode, VHF/UHF ham radio transceiver, it also supports satellite communications!

The Icom IC-910H covers the 2 meter and 440MHz bands out of the box, however with the optional UX-910, it also adds the 1200mhz band too! There is also a AG-2400 "down-converter" accessory option that was made for this model, that can even convert the 2.4 GHz satellite signals to a 2 meter signal, that you may want to look into as well.  Talk about a neat way to further Amateur Radio communications! 

Even if weak signal, DX, or Satellite work isn't your thing, this ham radio offers a lot for your dollar (when looking at its performance to cost ratio), if you're just looking for better receiver and transmitter specs (which leads to better line of sight range to a degree as well).  There are indeed cheaper dual mode mobile transceivers out there, however you won't find them with 100 watts output typically (unless you also buy an amplifier), and they're not all mode, (with CW and SSB too) or have the same low noise figures (which means weaker signals are possible along with a better signal to less noise ratio) receiver specs.  So for even line of sight communications, this base setup is a great model to consider, for those looking for maximum range and performance for this use too.

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