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Icom IC-781 For Sale

Icom IC-781 For Sale


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The Icom IC-781 is a ham transceiver and in the 1990s it was the company's top of the line models (a flagship model).  What is interesting about this models's history, it was initially built and designed for government and military use.  It had a large 5 inch CRT display that was multi-functional and had a spectrum scope!  It was definitely a full sized hf rig (so no puny amateur radio here), that somewhat resembles the look of the newer IC-7800 rig out today (costing several thousands of dollars).  It also has dual receive, twin passband tuning, and 150 (adjustable from 15 - 150) watts of RF output power.  When this model came out in the 90s, it was fairly expensive (costing around $5,000 in the 90s), however you can buy them used at a much better price in today's dollars.

The Icom IC-781 had an adjustable noise blanker, notch filter, and even adjustable AGC.  The receiver's dynamic range is also exceptional (105db), and had clean audio too (non-dsp, so none of those funky digital artifacts noise concerns).  It should be noted, that this model was also very similar to the IC-780, so at the link above or below we'll be listing both versions that are currently for sale.   

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