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Icom IC-7800 For Sale

Icom IC-7800 for sale


View Current Icom IC-7800 Transceivers For Sale Here

If you ever wanted the best of the best, but couldn't afford one, then buying a used Icom IC-7800 in great shape may be just the ticket.  View new, nearly new, and used inventory at the link below for current pricing.

What makes this ham radio transceiver so special, is it has been built to be top notch in every aspect, from higher quality and reliable components, its features, and overall build and feel (I mean just look at this models graphic display).

The Icom IC-7800 features a dual receiver, with superb specs in several critical areas, from an ultra low noise floor, dynamic range, and adjacent signal rejection & blocking, endless filtering, multiple AGC loops, and more!  If you're an Icom fan, nothing seems to touch or rival it.  Yaesu fans may have a preference for that company's flagship model (the Yaesu FT-9000), however most will claim this is the best amateur radio transceiver ever made! 

On top of its renowned receiver specs and 200 watts of RF output, it also comes with the latest in DSP and digital filtering technologies, making it unsurpassed!  It was the first HF and 6 meter model to have "four" (quad) DSP chips, means it's digital signal processing horsepower is out of this world.

This one (due to their higher cost when new) is harder to find in the used market, however there are typically one or two new and used 7800s for sale.  View current new and used IC7800 inventory at the link below:

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