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Icom IC-775DSP For Sale

Icom IC-775DSP


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At this site, we try to focus on the greats, and the Icom IC-775DSP HF transceiver is another legend that many Elmers are sure to recognize.  This ham radio had a whooping 200 (adjustable on the front panel from 5-200) watts of output power with rugged MOSFET transistors in its final section.  This and the IC-781 and IC-756 were known to be Icom's top of the line models in the 1990s (with specs that still outperforms many of today's rigs).  It had an easy to red black led, with a yellow-amber background display.

The Icom IC-775DSP came with a massive amount of features to list, however some of the highlights of this transceiver were its DSP noise reduction, dual watch receive, both IF (adjustable) and DSP auto-notch, 101 memory channels, built in audio low pass filters, audio peak filter for better CW recognition, phase shift modulation of SSB signals and both a main and sub-frenquency readout!  This is still a modern looking hf rig, not as toy-like in appearance though as some of the more modern models out today.  All the controls are well laid out and it just looks clean and not complicated to get around like some newer amateur radios that are overly menu driven to find anything. 

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