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Icom IC-7700 For Sale

Icom IC-7700 For Sale


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The Icom IC-7700 is another top performer that's very similar to the more expensive IC7800, the main difference being this version has a single receiver (versus dual) and has two 32 bit floating DSP chips instead of four.  With that said, you save a good chunk of money however, yet you still get a great transceiver that runs circles around most other ham radios out there today.  The specs and performance otherwise are nearly identical!  Here are some things that are great about this ham radio:

It comes with a 200 watts of RF output and its TFT graphic display is both informative with data and is easy to read.  It's a real HF/6 meter rig with a large size to match.  Nothing is squeeze in or hard to find.  The Icom IC-7700 touts 110db dynamic range and 40dbm third order intercept point (need we say more)!  The first intermediate (roofing) filters are hi-spec and just a starting point of what makes this receiver so great.  Instead of puny capacitors and diodes, this model uses higher quality switching relays, capacitors, and coils, which create lower distortion and less chance of magnetic saturation. 

Although the 7 inch display is quite nice, computer interfacing is also growing popular today.  What is nice about this transceiver is has a CI-V interface capability and RS-232C connector for connections to computers.  It also has each to reach USB ports on the front, which allow you to connect a keyboard.  Another nice technology perk, is you can use USB memory sticks and transfer (or just save) all your settings.  It also allows for easy firmware upgrades!

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