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Icom IC-761 For Sale

Icom IC-761


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The Icom IC-761 is a HF transceiver that was very popular in the late 1980s.  This wasn't a cheaply made ham radio by any means, it was designed to be a top performer!  Nice, clean look, that isn't over complicated to get right like some of the new models out currently.  It handled noisy conditions and QRM well, as it had Notch, IF shift and passband tuning to seamlessly slice the interference out of the receiving bandwidth.  For electrical interference, it also has a "variable" NB to adjust to your situation.  Dual VFOs (also works split) are also included in this model, and unlike modern day HF rigs, this one has a real, analog S-meter!

Believe it or not, Amateur radios were actually quite sophisticated in the late 1980s and this model validates that. In addition to the features above, it also came with a built in automatic antenna tuner, attenuator, preamp, VOX (including gain, delay, and anti-vox controls), memory channels, and a digital frequency readout.  This model along with its IC-765 successor have some of the better receiver specs out there and their used prices today are a bargain!  You could spend two to three times more for a new rig, that may still fail short of this one!

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