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Icom IC-756Pro Ham Radio Transceiver For Sale

Icom IC-756 Pro

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Oh yes, doesn't it look sweet!  The Icom IC-756 Pro HF and 6 meter transceiver is the one that really made DSP and graphic spectrum scope display technology a must have!  Icom was leap years beyond Kenwood and Yaesu in IF DSP enhanced radio dept!  While others were still using 16 bit IF (some just had "audio" DSP), this ham radio model came out with a much more powerful 32 bit floating point DSP chip!  This ability in addition to its extremely low noise floor meant a great choice to low or difficult signal conditions and dx chasers!


Although the Icom IC-756Pro is no longer made, it is still a fairly new radio.  This radio wasn't publically available for sale until year 2000 and wasn't even heard of until late 1999.  It had a beautiful display, whose best feature is monitoring signal strengths across a large segment of an entire band at the same time!  You quickly become addicted to this feature as it adds a whole level of excitement by letting you know what else is going on in the band while you're on another frequency!  Another great feature for dx hunters, as it can tell you where all the signals are in a band at once with its live spectrum scope! 


The drawback to the Icom IC-756Pro was its price.  Most ham radio operators couldn't afford this model when it first came out, simply because with all its latest DSP receive and graphic scope technology, its low noise, high gain receiver, and all its other bells and whistles, it was simply out of the affordability range for many!  However if you consider that the it doesn't require any additional "filters" due to its built in and versatile DSP filtering, the total costs were priced quite competitively to other flagship ham radios!  Since you can now find these transceivers used, you can save a ton of money on ones of these masterpieces now!  Check out current models for sale at the link below!


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