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Icom IC-751a For Sale

Icom IC-751a


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The Icom IC-751a HF transceiver actually comes with a general coverage receive (so it's great for listening to anything in between such as the shortwave bands too).  It was made in the mid 80s through the early 90s and performs quite well, with a quadruple conversion superheterodyne receiver!   Despite not being a multi-thousand dollar ham radio, you almost always hear positive remarks about how well this model operates.  It's also extremely affordable in the used market too! 

On this website, we talk much about noise floors, dynamic range, and selectivity, as lets be honest, it's the receiver specs and performance that separate good HF rigs from just mediocre ones.  The Icom IC-751a for sale is perfect for the new or budget minded ham, that also wants a really great receiver!  The Icom IC-751 and IC-751a have some of the best value out their for your dollar (especially on the used market) for raw receiver performance.  It does decently well in crowded band conditions and QRM with its combination with brickwall filter (especially when optional filters are added) and its Passband Tuning and Notch Filter features!  Yes it doesn't have the grapic display and spectrum analyzer like some of the multi thousand dollar rigs have today, however if you have a tight budget, this gets you a ton of raw performance for 1/5th the price of some of those pricey models out today!

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