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Icom IC-746 Pro Ham Radios For Sale

Icom IC-746 Pro 

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The Icom IC-746 Pro is a HF through VHF transceiver that has some of the most advanced DSP features you can find on a ham radio!  The DSP noise reduction, blanker, notch filter, and digital twin passband tuning are great tools for removing QRM in worst of conditions, however the receivers foundation is so solid with such a quiet noise floor, you often hear weak signals without even needing them.  The noise blanker may be needed at your QTH; however I typically don't have electrical noise that warrants their use.  I must say, I have had nearby QRM issues on 75 meters and sometimes during contesting on other bands and the digital passband tuning works especially well for ridding of nearby stations that occasionally splatter.  In most cases it completely eliminates them!  The DSP noise reduction feature is smooth and nicely cleans up a signal.  As you can see, I'm a big fan of the receiver in this model!   

Although the display isn't quite as fancy, a used Icom IC-746Pro is about half the cost of a used 756pro, however it seems to do most everything just as well and some even argue the receiver is better!  Although not as fancy, you also get a fully functional display that also has the infamous Band Scope as well, so you can also monitor all the signals across a large section of the band at the same time. With a spectrum band scope you know where all the action is, even while you're listening in on another frequency.  In addition, it also comes with more frequency coverage/bands as well and it's more affordable!  In addition to all the amateur HF bands, it has both 6 and 2 meters and having a high powered, "all mode" 2 meter transceiver is extremely valuable!  It's not uncommon for hams to pay $400 to $500 plus just for an all mode monoband 2 meter ham radio alone and the Icom 746 pro has this built in!  So if you're into weak signal work on 6 or 2 meters, this mode does this exceptionally well with its CW and SSB capabilities on these bands and it's extremely low noise, high gain receive!  

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