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Icom IC-7000 For Sale

Icom IC-7000


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The Icom IC-7000 is a small sized HF, VHF, and UHF mobile transceiver, however it exceeds many full, large (or base sized) rigs in performance, features, and frequency coverage!  I guess that is the luxury of technology (to build better electronics in smaller packages).  Although it's perfect for the mobile environment (with its detachable face and smaller size), many amateur radio operators use it at home too, simply because it's a great value and performs quite well.  Icom did a great job with upgrading their previous raved IC-706 model line to this model.

The display on the Icom IC-7000, despite needing to fit the cabinet, (2.5" sized) is very detailed with graphical data, yet is easy to read!  The microphone also allows you a bit of easy access to some of the most used features (also ideal for a mobile, on the road environment).  This is an "IF" DSP ham transceiver and its low noise floor of its high gain preamps makes it great receiver for both weak signal work and for less than ideal antenna situations (like some of the inefficient, low again aerials many of have to deal with while running mobile).   It comes with both adjustable digital filters, noise reduction, and a digital noise blanker to both. 

If you're not impressed by this model yet, (despite all the bands, modes, DSP technology, and low noise receiver specs), at this price point (especially the used models for sale at the link below), this has a 2 mode band scope!  Typically ham radios that include a bandscope costs thousands of dollars, yet this was has it, plus much more frequencies than a IC-756pro or IC-7600 for example!  It's two mode, which means you have your choice of monitoring a large segment of the band based on either the "center" of your received frequency or use a "fixed" mode instead. 

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