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Icom IC-2720H Dualband Ham Radios For Sale

Icom IC-2720H

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The Icom IC-2720H is a high tech VHF/UHF dualband mobile transceiver!  Not only does it transmit on both 2 meters and the 440mhz amateur radio band, it is also receives from 118-549mhz and 810-999mhz!  It has a face that is fully detachable (the separation cable even comes with it) and you can even changes the display color from green and orange to suit your performance!  It's also packet ready and supports cross band repeater operation!  

Very similar dualband mobiles to the Icom IC-2720H also include the IC-2700, IC-2710, IC-2820, IC-2800, and the IC-2340 mobiles.  You can find these new and used models for sale at the links above or below too.

The Icom IC-2720H is a very popular ham radio due to its variety of mounting arrangements it supports and it’s easy to operate both the VHF and UHF ham bands at the same time!  This dualband mobile transceiver actually has unique controls (as you can see in the photo) for each band!  This means making adjustments back and forth between the two is a snap!  Also with it’s built in duplexer, cross-intermod or desensing are not an issue.  This unit even has Icom's dynamic memory scan feature which basically allows you to select different memory channels to scan (10 banks/lists you can set up, 212 memory channels total).  For example, having this versatile memory setup can come in handy when you're driving through cities with different repeater frequencies and you don't want to waste time scanning your entire memory list, but rather focus on just those specific repeater frequencies to the area you're traveling in. 

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