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Icom IC-2200H Two Meter Mobile Ham Radios For Sale

Icom IC-2200H

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Note: if you are looking for the Icom IC-2200, we also recommend the IC-2300, IC-2100, IC-2000 models as they are also very similar to this model as well.  You can find these new and used models for sale at the links above and below too..

The Icom IC-2200H is a powerful 2 meter transceiver!  With 65 watts of output power, you're most like going to reach any repeater within line of sight!  Long transmissions are no problem, as the whole chassis acts as a one piece enormous heatsink!  It's a very rugged VHF mobile which supports repeater operations and advanced encoding such as CTCSS and DTCS so you're assured of uninterrupted communications and access to the more advanced repeaters across the band.  It also works well with the ICOM D-Star network and most were manufactured to also support both regular and narrowband FM communications as well!

Due to their value and reasonable price, this mobile is also a good choice as a reasonably priced ham radio VHF repeater!  I was going to use a pair of them myself for a custom 2 meter ham repeater in the area, just never got around to purchasing the duplexer or cavity filter.  The reason I would select the Icom IC-2200H transceiver is because it's priced very well for what you get, plus the receiver has some of the best sensitivity you can find, and it has a selectable "delayed squelch" feature, which would work perfect in a repeater environment and weak signal conditions!  Also due to their rugged, large full body heatsink and high output power, it would be a perfect cost-to-value solution for a half way decent repeater!  For heavy duty cycle use you could simply add an external large sized muffin/computer fan to keep it extra the whole radio cool and also lower the power output (the Icom IC-2200H has four selectable power settings of 5, 10, 25, and 65 watts)!  At a lower power level and external fan cooling, should handle long, extended transmissions no problem!

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