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New and used Icom ham radios for sale at the links above and below... A little bit about this company's innovation. There transceivers have features and enhancements that came out well before their competitors. They have always strived to come out with high quality equipment and with being the leaders in the latest amateur radio technology. In particular, they really took DSP technology to a new level with its advance noise fighters and beautiful displays that can process entire band segments visually. Their transceivers were one of the first to replace crystal filters with sophisticated dsp chips and signal processing hardware and firmware technologies in the fundamental IF (intermediate frequency) stage instead of just in AF (audio frequency) stages. The more advanced new models that are available today can come with a steep price tag, however. If you're willing to buy a current model used or the previous model generation from just a few years ago, you can save a lot of money however!  

Even their used, vintage models are among some of the best! They have a great sound and some of the best low noise receivers in industry. Luckily, we are a source of many used Icom Ham Radios for sale, often costing less than half of what they did new! Check out some of the inventory at the link below. 

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Some of the model popular models include:

ICOM IC-706mkiig

Icom IC-2200H

Icom IC-2720H

Icom IC-R7000 Receiver

Icom ID-880h

Icom IC-746 Pro

Icom IC-756Pro