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ICOM IC-706mkiig Ham Radio For Sale


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The ICOM IC-706mkiig mobile rig is an all band HF, VHF, and even UHF band transceiver!  There are several versions of the IC 706 series, however the MK IIG was the newest version made.  Icom stopped making this radio just a few years ago, however many hams would still buy this mobile rig if it was still made today and its one of the more popular choices on the used market due to its versatility and large range of frequency coverage (it replaces both a HF and a dual band VHF/UHF transceiver).  It was also one of the first all mode mobile units to have the band scope feature which really made this one stand out as one of best do it all amateur radio models.   

The ICOM IC-706mkiig is a small, yet a neat do it all ham radio transceiver!  It can be run as a base, but its size makes it ideal for easy mobile and portable mounting and operations.  They also made a remote mounting kit and an optional DSP board!  As far as layout, most of the controls you'll use most often are easy to access with the press of a single button; however with this many features packed into a mobile sized radio, some of the more advanced settings are almost always going to need to be menu driven.  Once you get into and play with the menu a few times, you learn quickly learn where things are and are able to adjust and tweak things in a snap. 

ic-706mkiig for sale 

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