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Heathkit Amplifiers

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If you're looking for a used ham radio amp, the Heathkit Amplifiers are probably going yield you the most watts for your dollar, however these HF and VHF amps were also made 30 plus years ago. If you want something that's still made today, used Ameritron amps may cost more, but may be a solution (check out inventory to view both Heathkit and Ameritron amplifiers for sale and to compare the prices of each). If you just want raw power and are on a strict budget, you’re not going to beat the used prices on Heathkit amplifiers watt vs. watt! Although older, these beasts still work very well and are dependable (if taken care of)! Some of the greats in this lineup include the SB-1000, SB-200, SB-220, SB-221 and the SB-230.

The SB-220 and SB-221 were the most powerful amateur radio Heathkit Amplifiers, using a set of 3-500z tubes producing at or very close to legal limit (1500 watts).  If you are seeing less than 1500 watts, it’s most likely due to your drive.  With only 100 watts drive, 1100 to 1300 watts may be more typical.   

The SB-1000 used a single 3-500z and only rated for 1000 watts max pep and both the SB-200 and SB-230 were the smaller of the bunch.  The SB-200 using a pair 572Bs it would typically produce 600 to 700 watts output, whereas the SB-230 had a single 8873 tube producing about 600 to 650 watts out. Check out some of the used Heathkit Amplifiers for sale at the link below. 

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