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Hammarlund HQ-180 For Sale

Hammarlund HQ-180


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The Hammarlund HQ-180 receiver is a vintage, all tube, full general coverage receiver (so it works well for MARS, Ham Radio, and as a shortwave receiver too) made in the 1960s, that was well acclaimed by many Amateur Operators.  There are a few variations and several models for sale in this series to include the:

  • HQ-180A - This came after the original HQ-180, near identical radio, with a few minor imrprovements such as slightly better mechanical and electrical stability specs.
  • HQ-180AC and HQ-180C - Very similar with the "A" model above, but also came with a 24 hour clock and time.
  • HQ-180AX and the HQ-180XE - Instead of the clock-timer like in the AC, the AX and XE had a multiposition switch for selecting different crystals instead.

All of these are otherwise very similar and a great gem for the older ham, collector, or those that just enjoy operating and/or restoring vintage electronics. 

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