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Ham Radios For Sale


Ham Radio Amplifiers For Sale

Ham Radio Amplifiers For Sale

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Ham Radio Amplifiers ranges from QRP lower power to QRO legal limit plus monsters.  Some of the top HF linear amplifiers were the Ameritron AL-1500, Henry 2KW - 5K, Amp Supply LK 500, LK-550, Heathkit SB-200, Heathkit SB-220, the Alpha series, and the QRO massive amps.  If you are looking for a great deal, you're in luck!  We have HF linear amplifiers starting under $250 and VHF units under $50!!

Some Ham Radio amplifiers for sale are at the link below.  HF amps range from 100 watts to 1500 watts plus and include both solid state and tube types.  Generally the tube types are most common.  Depending on the amp, some models ran 3-500z, 8877s (or 3CX-1500), 811As, and 3CX-250bs.  

Although some heavy duty linear Ham Radio amps are able to put out more than legal limit, its against the FCC regulations to run more than legal limit in the US.  When tuning a heavy duty amp, it's best to due so under a dummy load.  Some amps that are rated at 1500 watts continuous, may be able to do twice that peak (or PEP) for example.  It's your responsibility to keep your power under the limit.

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