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Hallicrafters SX-115 Receiver For Sale

Hallicrafters SX-115


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The Hallicrafters SX-115 is a tube type ham radio receiver (triple conversion, superhet design), made in the early to mid 1960s and operated in AM, CW, and SSB modes.  It also matches up well with the company's R47 and R48 speakers.  It came with both a 1/4" headphone jack and external speaker terminals.  It also had a crystal oscillator and VFO jacks, a front preselector, and an antenna trimmer. 

For a complete pair set, the HT-44 was the transmitter match for this receiver.  Due to this vintage and weight, just as some of the other tube types of this vintage, shipping costs may need to be adjusted, (especially if double boxing is requested).

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