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Drake L4B Amplifier For Sale

Drake L4B Amplifier


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The Drake L4B is a ham radio amplifier that uses rugged 3-500z tubes (two of them), that was rated for 2000 watts input on SSB!  Comparable to the Heathkit SB-220 in output, however often hams claim have a bit better build quality, (as the Heathkits came as a kit, their construction was often dependant upon the skills of the builder), so the Drakes are often more desired.  They also have a much nicer look to them (no ugly green or ugly cabinets).

The nice thing about amplifiers like the Drake L4B that use the glass 3-500z tubes, is they are very reliable and last many years, (assuming they're well cared for) without the high costs of the steel tubes!   You often see "original" 3-500z tubes still producing full (or at least close to full) output 20 to 30 years later (assuming the amp wasn't beaten to death by an amateur or CB radio operator trying to get the max output out of them by pushing them beyond their rated specs excessively).  There are also various Taylor and RF part replacements for the original Eimac brand that are much more affordable.  Considering their long life versus cost ratio, the 3-500zs are often preferred over other, lower quality glass and the overpriced steel tubes.  

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