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Drake Ham Radios For Sale



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The R.L Drake Co. is known for its quality ham radio gear and their outstanding shortwave receivers, much of which is still in demand today!  The company made ham radios dating back to the 50s through the early 80s with their amateur gear ranging from tube type transmitters and receivers, to solid state transceivers!  They also made amps, meters, filters, and tuners!  Even their solid state radio gear was built like a tank and has superb sound and performance (such as the TR-7 and TR-7A solid state transceivers)!  Both of their vintage tube and newer solid state HF communications receivers was also top notch with superb sensitivity, selectivity, low noise floors, and a pleasing, warm sound!  The older tube type models are sought after by many hams and collectors due to their history and quality.  Below are some of the most popular models within their line.  Also if you're in the market for a particular model, check out some of the current Drake ham radios for sale at the links above and below: 

Most Popular Models Within the Drake Line Include:


Ham Radio & Shortwave Receivers:

Drake R8B Communications HF Receiver

Drake SW8 Receiver

Drake R-4C Receiver

Drake 2B Vintage Receiver




Drake 2NT

Drake T-4X

Drake T-4XB

Drake T-4XC




Drake TR-4

Drake TR-4B

Drake TR-4C

Drake TR-5

Drake TR-7 and TR-7A




MN-2000 Antenna Tuner 

WH-7 Wattmeter

Drake L4B Amplifier


View Current Drake Ham Radios & Gear For Sale