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Dentron MLA-2500 Ham Amp For Sale

Dentron MLA-2500

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The Dentron MLA-2500 is a well engineered linear amplifier that is well built and depending on their condition, often performs just as well as they did many years ago.  The Dentron MLA-2500 often had more robust output than the 2 x 3-500z designs (such as the Heathkit SB-220 amps) due to a higher gain tube that was used.  The Dentron MLA-2500 Ham Radio amplifier can put out legal limit on most bands with less than 100 watts drive, due to their extremely efficient Eimac 8875 tubes.   This is surprising, considering the physical size and fan noise was less than most linear amplifers.  This is an attestment of it's superior engineering design.

The Dentron MLA-2500 beats the pants off most amps of this era, however just like many tubes, the Eimac 8875s are no longer made.  The good news, is that if the amplifier is well taken care of, you'll never have to replace them (it's not uncommon for these tubes to produce the same output even 30 years later).  If you need to replace tubes in the Dentron MLA2500, you can occasionally find them in the used or surplus market.  Many ham radio operators have also opted for the tube conversion, where you convert the amp to run of different (and cheaper) tubes.  Buying used always involves some drawbacks, and finding tubes is just part of it.  However you may never need to replace the original tubes and buying a new ham radio linear amplifier with the same specs and quality as the Dentron MLA-2500 would most likely cost you 5 times more money.

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