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Dentron Amplifiers

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Dentron amplifiers are no longer made, but there are still many used models for sale.  The company made some of the best amateur radio HF linear amplifiers back in the day.  A great cost alternative over buying a new amp, many of the models are able to reach or come close to reaching full legal limit!  The popular models made by this company are the Dentron Clipperton L and Clipperton V (VHF version), the Dentron GLA-1000, the MLA-2500B, MLA-1200 models, the DTR-2000L, the Dentron 160-10L and the company also made a few matching legal limit tuners that were also very well made.  Actually, I still use my old Dentron tuner to this day as it still works better than all the new MFJ stuff I've tried.    

Many of these Dentron Amplifiers were rated for or at least close to full legal limit (legal limit for ham operators is 1,500 watts) output.  As with any amplifier, you can get more, but why put extra stress on the tubes and components.  These HF amps can last a long time if you keep them at reasonable drive and not exceeding their designed output!  If you are looking for or close to full legal limit, you'll want to look at the Dentron MLA-2500B, the Dentron DTR-2000L (uses a 8877 tube, but this amp is rare so don't always have this for sale), and possibly the Dentron 160-10L and Dentron Clipperton L models if their tubes are in good shape.   

As far as prices, right now Dentron amplifiers are a bargain!  You can get a near legal limit amp for about 1/4th the cost of a new ham radio HF amp today! 

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