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DRAKE TR-4C Ham Radio Transceiver For Sale


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Above is a link to all current DRAKE TR-4C ham radios and transceivers for sale.  

The DRAKE TR-4C is the latest of tube type transceivers offered by the company.  The models before this TR-4 series used a separate transmitter and receiver design, so this one kind of sets itself apart from past versions.  The DRAKE TR-4C used later technology and consequently made this into a single transceiver chassis design (which also saves on space and parts of course).  This model is the best of both worlds, as it has the tube type receive and transmit sound of the vintage tube type rigs, yet a more modern transceiver design.

What's nice about the DRAKE TR-4C is it has a very solid VFO and weight to it's tuning know and it covers 10 through 160 meters.  The nice analog feel and sound makes it a real pleasure to operator for elmers and many hams that miss that warmer sound and ease of operation.  These are considered antiques due to their age and are definitely getting more difficult to find in decent condition, however much of the fun isn't just getting them on their, but actually restoring them to their original condition.  The simple color tone matches well and looks great, and the lettering is easy to read for even those with older eyes.  Drake has made many classics in its day and this is one of their most renowned.  View current inventory below:

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