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Collins and Stewart Warner R-390A/URR Receivers For Sale

Stewart Warner R-390A


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The R-390A / URR receivers was made and designed for the military (with stringent military specs in performance and reliability) by Collins and also Motorola, Stewart Warner, Electronic Assistance Corp, Capehart, and Amelco/Teledyne/Imperial (although much of its design originated by Collins).  If you're a fan of the older, vintage receivers or just a fan of tube based receivers and audio, these are rare gems for collectors and for those that like to restore boat anchors alike.  It may be antique in age by definition, but for those that have never listened to a great sounding, older tube type hf (or shortwave) receiver, you're in for a pleasant surprise.  There is nothing more soothing, then listen to the audio of a quality made receiver using former tube-type technology.

The Collins and Stewart Warner R-390A covered the entire HF band down from 540 kHz (down into the AM broadcast band) all the way to 30mhz!  Did I mention it makes AM broadcast stations sound exceptional as well!  Add a quality, longwire or full sized ham radio antenna and be astound at the distances received of and the sound of AM broadcast stations, shortwave, and amateur radio stations alike!

Regardless if you're a collector, a ham, shortwave listener, or just like to improve the range and sound of local AM broadcast stations, the R-390A receiver fits the bill and because it's a desired antique item now (also due to its vintage and history), they hold their resell value exceptionally well! 

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