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Collins Ham Radios For Sale 


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Used Collins Ham Radios for sale at the links below. The Rockell Collins brand and models of amateur radio transmitters and receivers are not cheap by any means. This is because they set an industry standard for both ham radio, military, and even commercial communications and were some of the best of the best!   All of their commercial, military, and even ham radio equipment were built like a tank and were the pinnacle of operation back in their day.  Many ham operators still prefer the sound of a Collins transmitter and receiver even to this day. Their tube type audio sound is clean and extremely pleasant to listen to.  This lineup includes the following radios:


Most Popular Transmitters:
Collins 32S-1

Collins 32S-3

Collins 32V-3
Collins 32V2
Collins TCS


Most Popular Receivers:
Collins 51S-1 
Collins 75A-1 
Collins 75A-3
Collins 75A-4 
Collins 75A2  
Collins 75S-1 
Collins 75S-3B

Collins 75S-3C 

Most Popular Transceivers:
Collins 75S-1 & 32S-1

Collins KWM-1 
Collins KWM-2/2A
Collins KWM-380 


View Current Collins Ham Radios & Gear For Sale 


Used Collins ham radios for sale are much more costly than most equipment of this vintage, because of how well they were made and work.  There is something very warm and clean about their receivers that just can't be matched.  They have kept their value due to supply and demand.  Everyone wanted a Collins back in the day and even present they're still drooled over.   



Due to their age and limited supply, it also makes it extremely difficult to find a Collins ham radio.  On a positive note, these radios are so sought after, that they can become a good investment.  It's not uncommon to pay $1,000 for some of the transmitters and receivers made by this vendor.  On a positive note, you can buy one of these transmitters or receivers now and whenever you do sell it, chances are you'll be able to sell it and get all your money back and sometimes more (depending on how well you upkeep it of course).  This is due to the fact this equipment this equipment was made 40 or more years ago, there supply will never be plentiful.   

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